The meeting of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of the Spirit of Fire International Debut Film Festival took place

Applications for participation in the main competition, the Russian Debuts and the Debut — Short Film competitions, are accepted from October 1 to December 30, 2021, inclusive. The films for the international competition should meet the following requirements: • the film should be the first or second full-length work of the director in the field of live-action films; • films participating in the international competition shall not have been previously publicly demonstrated on the territory of the Russian Federation; • DCP is a preferred format for the film in the original language with English subtitles if the original language is not English; • film participation in the international competition provides for the mandatory presence of the director and/or starring actor.

 In case the director and/or starring actor cannot come to the festival, the Directorate of the festival reserves the right to include the film in the competition, if the film is presented by a member of the crew of the leading creative profession or the director and/or starring actor remotely, through their participation in the presentation and discussion of the film before and after the screening via a specially organized teleconference, video call and/or conference via Zoom, Skype or services that are specially developed for the festival and available for the viewers and the professional audience.

The Russian Debuts competition accepts films that are the first work of a director in the field of live-action films, more than 50 minutes' length. Films up to 30 minutes’ length will participate in the Debut — Short Film competition The competition programs include films that were completed not earlier than June 1, 2021. DCP is a preferred format. Applications and debuts for the international program should be sent by e-mail to the Selection Committee of the Spirit of Fire: