Basil Alkhatib

A Syrian film and TV director, writer and producer, dean of film institute.

Born 6 May1962, Hilversum, TheNetherland.Lives and works in Damascus, Syria.

-Graduated from film directing faculty, Moscow film institute(VGIK) 1987.
-General Director of Jawa film and TV productions, Syria.
-Works in film making and televisionsince 1990
-Directed tocinema: 7 short films, 11 long feature films:
The last massage, Mariam, The Mother, Syrians, The Father,For life,
   Bin Badis, The Confession, Damascus Aleppo, The Bishop, The Sage.
-Directed to TV:7 films (drama)  - 29 TV series (each 30 episodes),most popular:I Jerusalem, Days of anger, Nostalgia, Hulagu,Letters of love and war, Nizar Quabani,Naser, Queen of Sheba, Once upon a time in Damascus.
-Winner of different awards in film and TV festivals.
-Writer of novel, Short stories, film scripts. All published.
-Translation into Arabicbooks: «Сinema and life» by Andrei Tarkovsky, «The magic lantern» byIngmar Bergman.

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