Vice-President of the Festival

The Soviet and the Russian scriptwriter, person of art.

Member of the Russian Guild of moviemakers. Member of the Union of moviemakers of Russia where she was on different administrative positions.

Was a deputy head of the Confederation of Moviemakers; Vice President of the Russian Society of the right holders for CIS countries, in audiovisual sphere (ROSPAS). In 1997 she was elected as the member of European cinema academy.

In 1995 was a member of judges Comiittee at the Movie Festival in Cannes. Since 2002 and until the present time she is s member of jury at the International Film Festival “Spirit of Fire in Khanty-Mansiysk.
My address to you is far from formality. Participants of our first festivals have grown from newcomers to experienced filmmakers. Young cine-goers from Yugra, who began to “study cinema art” at special lessons conducted by “Spirit of Fire”, now visit shows rated 18+. We hope that this year we will keep the most important for us. In this catalogue you will find all necessary information about main competitions and programs. Some of them, competition of shorts, for example, we have enlarged because you appreciated it. Our forum has already come of age and thus demands further development. “Spirit of Fire” is in its 16 years. So it’s time to move from school programs to academic ones. That’s why this year we organize the Academy of “Spirit of Fire” together with Arzamas Academy. Now addressing the festival guests and participants instead of the usual “go to the halls, watch movies!” we can say in a new way. Watch good movies, listen to brilliant lecturers! A week of remarkable possibilities is waiting for you!

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