4 march
The private history of indigenous people of Siberia

The third lecture “Private history of Indigenous peoples of Siberia” was delivered today in the Museum of Human and Nature as a part of lecture course of Arzamas Academy in association with “Age-old Ugra” project and cinema forum “In Place” at the 16th film festival Spirit of Fire.

4 march
Workshop by the artist, film director and teacher of animation Aneta Ozorek from Poland was held in the CTC Ugra-Classic.
4 march
12 small readers with Mr. Yakubovich were on the stage of the CTC Ugra-Classic

One day within the framework of the Film Festival Spirit of Fire is traditionally devoted to family and family values. That is why today the foyer of the CTC was full of children.

4 march
"Youth lounge" of the 16th IFCD Spirit of Fire has completed its work

Youth lounge of the 16th IFCD Spirit of Fire has completed its work

3 march
Christopher Lambert: Love is life
Creative meeting of Christopher Lambert with the audience took place today in the CTC Ugra-Classic within the framework of the 16th International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts Spirit of Fire.
2 march
16th international festival of cinematographic debuts "Spirit of Fire" opened in Khanty-Mansiysk
The opening ceremony of the 16th international festival of cinema debuts "Spirit of Fire" was held in the concert and theater center "Ugra-Classic" on 2 March.
1 march
An event for children and teenagers “Your Cinema” has taken place as a part of XVI Film Festival “Spirit of Fire”

An event for children and teenagers “Your Cinema” has been an opening for the XVI Festival “Spirit of Fire”.

1 march
What is it the indigenous people keep silent about?

The series of lectures " Arzamas Academy " has started its work today in the capital of Ugra in the framework of the IDFF "Spirit of fire".

8 march
“Spirit of Fire” Announced the Winners
"Diamond Island", a film of France, Cambodia, Germany, Qatar, Thailand has won the international competition and the main prize “Golden Taiga”. Director is Davy Shu, and this is his first feature film. The Diamond Island is a symbol of the future of Cambodia, an ultra-modern paradise for the rich people. Like other village boys, 18-year-old Bora decided to take part in construction of this developers’ dream. There he finds new friends and even meets his charismatic elder brother Soley, who disappeared five years ago. Soley shows Bora an exciting world of prosperous urban Cambodian youth with girls, nightclubs and endless illusions.