Born in Moscow, USSR. In 1975 he moved to Paris. He studied literature at the university but his passion for cinema forced him to quit before graduation. He acted in movies by Jean-Claude Biette, Louis Skorecki, Anne Benhaïem, Jean- Paul Civeyrac, Jean-Charles Fitoussi, Serge Bozon, Bertrand Bonello, Rita Azevedo Gomes as well as in shorts made by La Fémis graduates. He collaborated with the outstanding French actresses Jeanne Balibar, Sylvie Testud and others. Many of his films were inspired by Russian classics (“Uncle Vania” by A.Tchekhov, “The Adolescent” and “The Idiot” by F.Dostoyevsky). He worked as a member of the selections commission at La Fémis. Since 1993 he has been writing film criticism. In 2004 he became a member of the editorial council of the “Trafic” magazine. Wrote an essay on Jean-Claude Biette. He translated poems by Tsvetaeva and Blok and novels by the Vainer Brothers into French. In 1981 he debuted as a film director. Retrospectives of his works were held at the Museum of Jeu de Paume in Paris, in the Lisbon Cinematheque, at the festivals in Mar del Plata (Argentina) and Belo Horizonte (Brazil). The list of his directorial works includes “Deux dames sérieuses” (1988), “Hotel Washington” (1993), “Le Lustre de Pittsburgh” (1995), “Le Dieu Mozart” (1996), “Oncle Vania” (1997), “L’Adolescent” (2000), “L’Etonnement” (2001), “Nissim aka Max” (2002, doc., with Vladimir Léon), “Octobre” (2004), “Guillaume et les sortileges” (2005), “L’Idiot” (2008), “Biette” (2010, doc.), “Par exemple, Electre” (2011, with Jeanne Balibar), “Phantom Power” (2014), “Deux Rémi, deux” (2015), etc.

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