President of the Festival “Spirit of Fire”

Film Director, President of the Festival “Spirit of Fire”. Honored Artist. Honored Master of Art in RSFSR. Born on August 25, 1944 in Kem, of Karel-Fin Republic, in a family of a military man. His debuts in cinema were: “Nothing to do” and “Proposal” after stoies by Anton Chekhov that were included in Almanac “Family Happpiness”. In 1971 his movie “Egor Bulychev and others” was released. This movie was based on Maksim Gorky’s novel. The next movie that he directed was “Crossing Tender”, it was released in 1972 and was awarded with Gran Prix of Venecian Festival of TV movies. In 1975 he filmed “100 Days After Childhood”. During production he met his future wife, Tatyana Drubitch who starred in his movies many times. “100 Days..” received many movie awards including the “Silver Lion” of Berlin International Cinema Festival for the best work of the film director, silver medal of Avelino Film Festival (Italy) and the main award of the International film festival in Belgrade FEST-76. In 1977 the first night of the movie “Sleepless Night Melodies” took place. It was filmed in cooperation with Kiesi Nisimura. In 1982 the movie “Aristocracy” was released. This movie was filmed in Columbia. In 1986 Soloviev released the movie “Strange, White and Spotted”. This movie was awarded with a special award from jury of the Venecian Film Festival. In 1987 he filmed ASSA which was the first movie in love trilogy “Three Songs About Homeland”. Later “The Black Rose – Emblem of Sadness and the Red Rose – Symbol of Love” and “House Under Starry Sky” were released. His other movies were: “Three Sisters”, “Tender Age”, “Bout Love”, “2-ASSA-2”, “Anna Karenina” and others. I 1990-ies he staged “Uncle Vanya” in the Maly Theater and “Seagul” in “Taganka Community”. In 1987 – 1995 he made 50 TV programs on histy and contemporary life of domestic cinematograph in his TV Show “SAS” at “Rossia” Channel. Since 2010 he is the program guide in “Those, who…”. Since 1985 teaches in the Russian Institute of Cinematography.

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